Lacrosse Gloves | How To Clean

Lacrosse Gloves | How To Clean


How to clean your Lacrosse gloves and your other pads is a question that many Lacrosse players want to know. So after a particularly dirty practice game, I decided to find out how to best clean my Lacrosse gloves.

As many of us do in situations like these I tried to google the answer. While you’re at it go and google Shoc sometime and check out how many cool images come up in the search results. After visiting about 14 of the most popular sites google had to offer I found only promotional blog posts about cleaning gear with this product or special detergents to get “the best” look.

I own a pair of Evo Warrior gloves so I decided it would be best to ask Warrior Lacrosse. Within a day I had a reply that was exactly what I needed. Ryan, the guy on the other end of the email, told me the best way to clean my Lacrosse gloves was to slosh them about in some soapy water. Use a mild detergent. Never once that contains a chlorine bleach. Then hand wash the outsides. The soapy water gets inside the gloves and clears out any sweat and odor from inside of the gloves. While washing the outside clears off mud and any other aesthetic abnormalities. Finally the answer I was looking for, this was great advice.


Why couldn’t I use the washing machine? So I did some research and found a thread on how best to clean your Lacrosse gear. In conclusion, the general consensus of the thread was that I could use the washing machine, but under no circumstances should I ever use the Dryer. The Dryer? The dryer has a habit, as it turns out, of damaging and destroying the padding of the gloves. This seems a fair enough reason not to use the dryer as I would prefer that my gloves stay in top condition for another season. The advice also applies to shoulder and arm pads for the same reason. Hopefully, I don’t need to tell you not to put your helmet in there.

Although online I found the attitude towards the washing machine to be positive, Ryan from Warrior said that he would advise against it for the same reason as he advised against the dryer, it can damage the padding. I decided to stick with hand washing as you really can’t tell how aggressive your washing machine will be.

  • We added detergent to the water to help clean and deodorise the gloves.
  • Rinse off the gloves under water to help wash off dirt that will come loose.
  • Let gloves soak in soapy water to help flush out dirt and grime.
  • I found that by putting the gloves on and squeezing them tight repeatedly helped to push out even more dirt and grime.
  • If required use a scrub brush to dislodge any loose dirt. I found that no scrubbing was required after initial rinse, soak and hand squeeze method.
  • Sit gloves out to air dry. Do not put in a clothes dryer as this will damage the padding in the gloves.