The Football Visor Fits The Riddell Speedflex | Zero-G

The Football Visor Fits The Riddell Speedflex | Zero-G

Thanks to All of SHOC Nation for the Support!

At SHOC we have been steadily growing our brand and building on the success we've had with our sports optics products. Our latest release the Zero-G we believe is a demonstration of what we are all about. A football visor that is innovative and enhances an athlete’s performance.

At SHOC we don’t just slap our name on the same cookie-cutter football visors out of the same factory that all the others are selling. Instead, we design and engineer our own football and lacrosse visors, test them improve them, and work towards pushing the boundaries of what sports optics products can do. With the Riddell Speedflex helmet, it became quite obvious to us early on how frustrating it is to not have a football visor to fit properly on this helmet.

A proper fit on the Riddell Speedflex is demonstrated we believe by no gap between the football visor and the helmet's facemask, and no bending of the plastic on the football visor to force that no-gap fit. The Riddell Speedflex Facemask is a more pinched style of mask and it puts a lot of tension on visors that are "one size" fits all. We found it very hard to use our SHOC 2.0 football visors on the Riddell Speedflex. So instead of just accepting what is ordinary or doing the same thing as everyone else we instead looked to improve and immediately started working towards a better solution.

After two years and many revisions, hours of fit testing, and rethinking of how a visor should perform we finally have finished the SHOC Zero G. The FIRST and ONLY football visor that is made for an EXACT fit on the Riddell Speedflex football helmet. We are confident you will not find a better fitting visor for the Riddell Speedflex helmet. Quick and Easy install is now done in less than a minute. No bending of the visor to force the fit. The ZeroG fits ALL Riddell Speedflex helmets. The new Diamond Tech Speedflex, The Precision Fit Speedflex, and Youth Medium and above Speedflex helmets. The ZeroG visor fits ALL Factory issued Riddell Speedflex Factory Masks as well, even the Kicker Mask.


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The visors are still on time to be delivered to our warehouse on June the 20th. We are continuing to develop the other color options. We received the first sample of Clear Mirror late last week and we are SUPER excited about it. The color is exactly what we had sought out to create. We have placed an order to our factory and are waiting to find out what the schedule is on its delivery. As soon as we have a firm date on the schedule, we will release them for pre-sale as well.

Thanks again to everyone that has purchased their Zero G during the pre-sale on We appreciate your patience during the Zero G project, and we can’t wait to see the player photos with you guys using them on the field.

SHOC Zero G when you want THE best the choice is now very clear.

Another Part of the Zero-Project was an all-new clip design for the Visors. We have called them VIPER - Visor Impact Protection Energy Resistance. They performed so well during our testing that we have decided to release them on ALL SHOC visors. So far, the feedback from our customers has been very exciting. They perform as good as they look. Putting a soft rubber barrier between your football visor and the hard metal facemask of the helmet. When you receive a blow to the facemask now, the SHOC VIPER clips will absorb the energy and not transfer it into the visor, risking a crack to the plastic. They come in Black with the visors, but we will soon release many color options that players can mix and match for endless combinations.