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Opportunity for greatness. This is your moment. You have trained so hard and when you are out on the field everything is on the line. We have given it our all in developing and making our gear to not fail you when you need it the most. Now, the ball is in your hands. Step out on that field and Make it Happen and SHOC Everyone!


    Softball Visors

    SHOC Zero G Plus | Football Visor

    The BEST Football Visor in the game today

    The SHOC zero G Plus

    You will not find a better fitting, better performing football helmet visor than the SHOC Zero G Plus.

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    SHOC Softball Visor

    The ALL NEW

    SHOC Softball visor for the rip it Infielders mask

    The latest SHOC Softball mask with our patent pending magnet attachment technoology!

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