It’s a question almost as old as the game itself. The pocket in the head of your stick has a massive effect on how well you perform in your game. If you don’t know how to maintain your Lacrosse Pocket then you will not be able to physically control the ball as well as if you had a well maintained pocket.


First you need to figure out what material your Lacrosse pocket is made from. Pockets can be of woven nylon, polyester, leather strands and/or cotton materials. During the game these materials can absorb moisture from the mud and ground and get covered in dirt. This causes the pocket to become tight and lose its shape. This then makes it a whole lot harder to throw and catch a ball due to the inconsistency of the shape of the Lacrosse pocket.



The first solution is to rinse the head and pocket thoroughly after a muddy game in warm water. This will clear out dirt and a lot of the mud from your pocket. To preserve the shape of your pocket its best practice to place a ball in the head of the lacrosse pocket. Then slide a butter knife or similar implement in between the plastic of the Lacrosse head and the pocket on either side of the head to keep the ball in place. Then let it dry for at least 10-15 minutes. Don’t make the pocket too deep though as can become and illegal pocket.

The next problem of maintaining the Lacrosse pocket is the amount of use of your Lacrosse stick. Lacrosse pockets can tighten up when not used regularly. To ensure your stick stays broken in have regular practice sessions. A few regular sessions of wall ball for 20 minutes each morning and/or night should ensure your lacrosse pocket stays well broken in. This will help keep it’s shape and you will stay on top of your game.

Every good player gives their Lacrosse stick a good once over before and after each practice and game. You should check the pocket knots to see if they are not coming loose or the ends of the strings are not fraying. If you find any loose knots just simply tighten them. To prevent fraying, use a lighter and burn the ends of the strings and make sure the ends of the strings are black. This will keep them from fraying and your Lacrosse pocket from falling apart.



When the lacrosse pocket loosens up it can cause some accuracy issues. The New player must learn to adjust their shooters. The shooting strings are the horizontal ones at the top of the pocket that effect the movement of your pass. These strings can’t be too loose or too tight otherwise it changes your throwing accuracy. The best way to check if the strings are setup properly is for you to throw the ball. If the ball throws downward then the strings are too tight. If the strings are too loose then the ball will throw upward. Each time you tighten the knots you need to do a few practice throws. This will help to check the changes you have made and insure your Lacrosse pocket is ready to go for the big game!

So thanks for reading our article. We hope we’ve helped provide some knowledge on how to improve the maintenance and performance of your Lacrosse pocket.

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