How to clean a football visor?

How to clean a football visor?

In any decent game of football, your visor is bound to get a bit dirty, this applies to lacrosse as well. Either sport can get a tad dirty. So what is the best way to clean it?


  • A dirty Visor
  • A bucket
  • Tap water
  • Soft cotton cloth

How do we actually clean our football visor?

It’s easiest to keep the visor attached to the helmet when cleaning so we will continue with the visor inserted.

Step 1: Mix up a bucket of slightly soapy water and remove the chinstrap of the helmet and set it to one side.

Step 2: Soak 1 of the washcloths and then hold the helmet above the bucket. Proceed to wring out the washcloth across the visor. The water will loosen most of the dirt and grime and then it will run into the bucket.

Step 3: Soak the second washcloth in some warm water (not the bucket water). Then wring it out across the visor again, this will wash off the soapy water and potentially remove some more dirt.

Step 4: Soak the washcloth in warm water and then wring it out again over the *inside* of the visor. This helps clear off any dirt that has gotten in behind the visor.

Step 5: Use the cotton cloth to dry off the visor and remove as much dirt and grime as possible. Gently rub it against both the outside and inside of the visor. Try not to accidentally touch the visor with a dirty finger. This will mean you need to go back to step 2. Protection Status