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Football Helmet Chin Strap Hack

⚡ Football Helmet Chin Strap Hack ⚡

⚡ Football Helmet Chin Strap Hack ⚡

If you are about that “pressure” to the head feeling while playing football. You are well aware of your upper chinstrap coming unbuckled after impact. Doesn’t that bother you when that chin strap clip comes undone? Do you wish that you could make a quick fix so that will never happen again? Well the good guys from SHOC have a solution for you.

Outside of talking about SHOC Visors, I like to give you some tips on modifying your equipment if desired. Make sure you to check out this quick fix to fastening down your upper chin straps down permanently. Instead of getting into a fluster about why your chin strap came undone, you need to get ready for the next play. Not worrying about re-buckling your upper chin strap on your helmet.

Both of the helmets in the video are made by Xenith. However, this tip will work on any football helmet chin strap.

Tools Needed

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Electric Drill w/ Skinny bit to make a hole in the chin strap