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Are Tinted Visors Legal In High School Football
Football Visors Legal to Be Tinted For High School Football and Lacrosse Games? Are tinted visors illegal in high school football and lacrosse? This is one of the most common questions we have posted on our social media outlets. Just...
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Football Helmet Chin Strap Hack
⚡ Football Helmet Chin Strap Hack ⚡ ⚡ Football Helmet Chin Strap Hack ⚡ If you are about that “pressure” to the head feeling while playing football. You are well aware of your upper chinstrap coming unbuckled after impact. Doesn’t...
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Introducing the SHOC 2.0 Football Visor
The SHOC Lightning 2.0 Football Visor Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for is here and we have officially released the All-New SHOC 2.0 Lightning Football Visor! So why did we change from the previous Shoc 1.0 visor and create the Shoc Lightning version?
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How To Maintain A Lacrosse Pocket
How to maintain your Lacrosse pocket? It’s a question almost as old as the game itself. The pocket in the head of your stick has a massive effect on how well you perform in your game. If you don’t know...
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Lacrosse Gloves | How To Clean
How to Clean Lacrosse Gloves What is the best way to clean your favorite gloves? How to clean your Lacrosse gloves and your other pads is a question that many Lacrosse players want to know. So after a particularly dirty practice game, I decided to find out how to best clean my Lacrosse gloves.
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