Are Tinted Visors Legal In High School Football

Are Tinted Visors Legal In High School Football

Football Visors Legal to Be Tinted For High School Football and Lacrosse Games?

Are tinted visors illegal in high school football and lacrosse? This is one of the most common questions we have posted on our social media outlets. Just so everyone is clear and knows exactly what the rule book states we will quote directly from the 2014 current edition of the NFHS rule book for football.

Section 5 Article 3 Sub Section C Item 4 on page 32 states…Visors are illegal in high school football if…..

4. Eyeshield that is attached to the helmet is not:

(a) Constructed of a molded rigid material, or

(b) Clear without the presence of any tint.

Unfortunately, there is no Golden Ticket from the doctor that will get you out of the rule. A prescription saying that a football visor with tint is legal to be worn by you because you are light-sensitive is still against the rule. You may be able to convince your coach, who is responsible for the rule of Article 4, and then convince the referee that for you tinted football visors are legal, and we wish you luck. Obviously, it is our wish that we could make all football visors legal for gameplay in all leagues, but at this time it is highly unlikely.


Well, it has the same protective Anti Fog, Anti Scratch, and Hydrophobic coatings as we put on our Iridium and Tinted Visors. No other visor in the marketplace NOT Under Armour, Nike, Oakley or any of the others offer a hydrophobic coating on their clear visors. We believe you will be equally satisfied with our football visor legal in clear as you would any of our other products. Do you want the best of both worlds? Then pick up one of our SHOC football visor legal in Clear and add a SHOC Colored insert to it. You can use the SHOC Clear visor with the insert for practice and when game day comes around you can remove the insert and use your Clear SHOC Visor.


Well, we still have a product for you. Our SHOC Clear Visor is a Football Visor legal for ALL levels of competition. All of our visors are all made from UV protecting shatterproof molded polycarbonate material, otherwise, they would not be legal under the first part of the rule. Our clear visor is made at 100% clarity no tint. So it meets all guidance of the rule.


Are Tinted Football visors legal at all other times not in a game? Sure they are, there is no rule that does not allow them! Why can’t you wear one at practice? Especially on bright sunny days during non-contact drills and helmet only sessions. Are Tinted Football visors legal for high school football camps? We’ve all seen where Tinted Iridium Football Visors legal for NFL players to wear in camps prior to their season, so why not other levels of the sport. There is no reason they shouldn’t be.

Same with Lacrosse. Many Lacrosse club leagues do not restrict the use of tinted visors. We’ve thought about this and have designed our SHOC visors with quick connect clips. Your helmet can be Game Day Football Visor legal in about 30 seconds, no tools are required. We also include a soft carry bag to help protect it from being scratched when it’s not on your helmet.



Link to NFHS Rule Book


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