What are the best football gloves for offensive and defensive lineman?

What are the best football gloves for offensive and defensive lineman?

What are my favorite lineman gloves?

I discovered my favorite lineman gloves back when I was playing American football here in Australia. I was playing on the defensive line and having the time of my life. But as a result, I kept getting my fingers smashed and bent up. Therefore I decided I might try out some gloves for added protection.

I decided to “just do it” and bought some gloves that were available on all of the football sites I was shopping on at the time. Once I got my new pair of gloves I immediately broke them out in the next training and then in the game the following week. After wearing them in the game though I found that I was still getting my fingers smashed and also had a few fingers pushed a bit too far backwards. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed with my purchase. My problem was I had picked the wrong glove for my position.

So began my search for the perfect lineman gloves. Back when I played football previously, the lineman and linebackers were wearing the heavy leather black gloves. I always found them a bit bulky and not that great at preventing hyperextensions. So I knew I didn’t really want the old school leather lineman gloves. So I started searching around. This is when I found the Cutter’s “The Reinforcer” Lineman Gloves. The Reinforcer gloves were advertised as Lineman Gloves that could help prevent hand injury and finger hyperextensions.


WHAT MAKES THESE FOOTBALL GLOVES SO SPECIAL? So what is so special about the Cutter’s gloves that make them so great for Offensive or Defensive Lineman? Well for starters they have woven reinforcing plastic strips into the fingers of the gloves. These special strips provide added support and stiffness that help prevent your fingers from getting jammed back. Additionally, the gloves have padding sewn into the back of the gloves to assist with keeping your fingers smashed. Finally, another feature that sets them apart from normal football gloves is the Velcro wrist straps. I found that if I tightened these up it would help keep my wrists from getting jammed back. After I started using my Cutter’s Reinforcer lineman gloves I barely had any finger or hand injuries, whereas before it seemed like at least a weekly occurrence.

I played for two seasons with my first pair of Cutter’s gloves which were black. After my second season though I moved from the Queensland league to the Victorian league. Well, the Victorians are a bit more precious and they only allowed grey gloves, because that’s what the NCAA rules stated. So I decided instead of getting my fingers smashed again I would just order a new Grey Pair. Luckily for me, Cutter’s makes a Grey Reinforcer as well.


WHAT is the best FOOTBALL GLOVES for lineman? In closing the quality of this glove is better than ANY glove I have used. In the workplace and in the sport. They lasted me for over 2 seasons and the only reason I replaced them was due to a ridiculous color rule. They provided the protection I needed and I know when prevented me from getting injured and allowed me to place my game at my best. So with that said I rate the Cutter’s Reinforcer lineman as a perfect 10 and would not wear anything else. Click the store link to be taken directly to Cutter’s store page and pick up a pair of these awesome gloves today. I promise you won’t regret it.