FIT GUIDE Please Read

Riddell Speedflex - The  Zero G Plus is confirmed to fit ALL factory Riddell Speed Flex facemask styles. Ranging from an adult Extra Large size helmet down to youth small. We have had no issues fitting any of the Speedflex helmets and facemasks. If you have an issue please contact us as we can easily assist and resolve very quickly. 

Riddell Speed  - We have also tested on several of the Riddell Speed facemasks including the newer HS4's. We have had no issue so far with the few helmet mask combos we have tested. 

Schutt F7 - We have found the visor to also work on most of the Schutt F7's. Schutt is way less consistent with their masks than Riddell is. Even the same style. For some F7 masks the visor goes straight on but at other times with the Schutt Quick Connect Facemask Clip it can take a little extra work to get it to fit correctly. We have made a full install video showing several ways of attaching it. And there is a link to that video on one of the other tabs. 

Schutt Vengeance - We hav tested on a Vengeance. It fits the Vengeance exactly the same as an F7 when it comes to using the Schutt Facemask quick plate. Please watch the F7 Install Video and it will show everything you need to do, to easily get the visor to install. 

Vicis - The Zero G Plus fits both the Vicis 1 and The Vicis 2. There are some extra steps required for the Vicis 2. 

Xenith - For Xenith Helmets the Zero G Plus visor will fit, we have now added in longer clips as an accessory to all visors. We have tested the standard type masks and one of the Alien types, The Prime. The visor fits the Prime better than ANY visor we have ever used. 

Light Helmets - The Zero G PLus easily fits all of the Light Helmets we have tested. With Zero Issues.