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SHOC Purple Softball Visor
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SHOC Softball Visor For Infielders Mask
SHOC Softball Visor For Infielders Mask

SHOC Softball Visor For Infielders Mask

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We are super excited to present to you ALL NEW SHOC Softball Visors!

  • The new design fits the Rip-It Masks BOTH youth and adult
  • The Visors are concave in shape and attach EXTERNAL to the Rip It Mask WITH our Patent Pending Magnet system. NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED. 
  • We created this Innovative Visor for increased player safety. With our exclusive magnetic attachment system, the visor removes in seconds. Yet holds on firmly when the athlete is playing. 

NOTE: We have NOT tested the fit to any other brand of fielders masks at this time as the fit of this visor was made exclusively for the Rip It Mask

In our opinion the SHOC Softball Visors are 100% player safe, PLEASE Verify Local Rules prior to purchase.

Fully assembled Softball visor and soft travel bag you can also use for cleaning.

MATERIALS: Shatterproof molded poly-carbonate lens, with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, applied. The resulting lens offers you Excellent UV protection from the elements. Certified to be almost 100% distortion-free. This allows you to see the action of the game perfectly clear and keep your eyes on the ball.

benefits from wearing football visor

Fitting Guide: Currently only tested on the Rip-It Infielder Masks Fits BOTH Adult and Youth 


We have quoted all the different organisations that we could find below. These are what the rules state. The hardest part is what the umpire interprets and enforces them. Some of them are very clear and state only clear visors can be worn, where others do not mention. Please check with team coach or local leagues for an answer if you are unsure. 

The visors may not be game legal in some leagues, but they are easily removable and can be used for practice. 

USSSA Slow Pitch
Sec. 13. PROTECTIVE GEAR: As a general rule, USSSA continues its long standing policy of permitting players to determine the use of protective equipment when they deem appropriate. Game conditions (temperature, equipment, rain, wind, visibility, field conditions, humidity, etc.) vary greatly from game to game and from field to field. In addition, the relative and absolute experience and skill levels of teams and players will vary from player to player and from team to team. Thus, USSSA encourages players to utilize any protective equipment that they deem appropriate. Such protective gear will be allowed in USSSA sanctioned play, unless by rule or by director/ umpire ruling that such.

USSSA Fast Pitch
Sec 2. CATCHER’S Equipment
In all divisions, if an eye shield is worn attached to the catcher’s helmet, it must be constructed of a moulded, rigid material that is clear and permits 100 percent (no tint) allowable light transmission.
Defensive Face Masks – While the use of defensive face masks is optional, if they are worn, they must meet the transparency requirements applicable to batting and catching helmets. If an eye shield is attached, it must be constructed of a moulded, rigid material that is clear and permits 100 per cent (no tint) allowable light transmission.

NFA follows NFHS rules for Fastpitch


Slide For Visualization ⚡ Clear vs. Tinted Visor

clear football visor
dark football visor