SHOC 2.0 Zero G

The all new SHOC 2.0 Zero G Visor will be released on June the 20th 2020.

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The ALL New SHOC 2.0 Zero G football visor will launch for pre-sale on 17 Oct 2019 and will ship 3 weeks later once production is complete.

So what's different about the new version?  Well first off it's the fit of the visor that has changed the most. The visor has been totally re-designed specifically for a perfect fit on the Riddell Speedflex helmet. Unlike all other football visors currently in the market the 2.0 Zero G will have Zero Gap between the facemask and the visor and will be an exact fit to your Speedlfex football helmet. This makes for a safer visor helmet setup.


  • The football visor will now sit the furthest away possible from your face. Our unique torrid shape allows for maximum clearance and a super clean look, while still offering almost zero distortion to the athlete's vision.
  • Second other players can't grab your facemask or get their fingers jammed between the football visor and the facemask.
  • Our visors continue to be made from shatter proof polycarbonate plastic and offer maximum UV protection.
  • Installation of the visor requires zero bending of the plastic which can weaken the polycarbonate plastic and causes a greater risk of cracking of the visor, especially on impact.
  • Our clear Zero G football visor is 100% NFHS legal and meets all in game use rule specifications for use in all leagues


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