All Colors SHOC Viper Clips Mega Bundle

All Colors SHOC Viper Clips Mega Bundle

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The ALL Color SHOC VIPER Clip MEGA Bundle all options that we currently have that allows you to piece together each combination that there is in the VIPER range. 

We designed them originally for the SHOC Zero-G football Visor but it fit so amazingly well we have now decided to add it to all of our SHOC Visors. Including the SHOC Thunder Lacrosse and Rip It Softball Mask Visor. 

They fit all SHOC visors and also ALL other visors as well like Oakley, Nike, Under Armour, Elite Tek, Adidas, Schutt, Sleefs, and any other visors that are out there. 

VIPER - Visor Impact Protection Energy Resistance Another innovation brought to you by SHOC. The visor clip that puts a soft energy absorbing layer between the Visor and the hits of the game.