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Top 10 Things High School Football Coaches Say
Top 10 Things Every High School Coach Will Say

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you played high school football at some point in your life, you can relate. #10 “I don’t care what position you or your parents want you to play.” #9 “Why didn’t you turn in your grade sheet?” #7 Film is at 3:30 not 3:31 #6 Bus[...]

marshawn lynch wearing shoc visor
Was Marshawn Lynch Fined For Wearing Our Tigers Blood Visor?

In a recent Monday Night Football game, running back, Marshawn Lynch was spotted wearing our Tigers Blood visor during the 1st half, then switching to our Smoke 40% visor. Click here to peep some footage from that Monday night game. Why is this controversial? Lynch has never been one to[...]

Baker Mayfield SHOC football Visor
SHOC Football Visors and Heisman Walk On’s

Baker Mayfield Heisman Season Wearing a SHOC Football Visor[...]

Football Players Wearing Eye Black
The Real Reason Why Players Wear Eye Black

Yeah it looks cool, and sure it may be in a ton of movies. So why do football players wear eye black? The answer to this question is that eye black makes it easier to play. How is this possible? The black colour absorbs reflective light from the sun and[...]

top twitter accounts in the NFL:
Top NFL Twitter Accounts of 2017

The Top Ten most followed NFL Players on Twitter 2017 Who are the most popular football players in the National Football League on Twitter? With a quick google search it is easy to find the most popular team is the New England Patriots, however finding popular players is a little[...]

my cause my cleats; football cleats NFL; Nike; Football Visors
#MyCauseMyCleats, Cool Football Cleats For Great Causes.

Over weekend, players have been releasing images of football cleats they wore in week 13’s NFL games. We love football here at SHOC, so we enjoy talking about things other then cool football visors. The football cleats themselves feature diverse and distinctive designs in order to raise awareness for a particular issue[...]

football chin strap unbuckled; football helmets; shoc
Football Helmet | Chin Strap Tip

If you are about that “pressure” to the head feeling while playing football. You are well aware of your upper chinstrap coming unbuckled after impact. Doesn’t that bother you when that chin strap clip comes undone? Do you wish that you could make a quick fix so that will never[...]

Dakota Whaley; Football Player; Football Visor
Football player, born deaf, leads football team

Football player, Dakota Whaley, has made his mark on the gridiron. Whaley, a senior linebacker for North College Hill, was born deaf. He can hear 40% out of one ear, while the other is completely deaf. When being asked who his favorite football player is, he replied with an outstanding[...]

Prescription; Football;Visors
Who Makes Prescription Football Visors?

  An in-helmet football visor might be a prescription medical need for athletes with sensitivity to sunlight or fear of eye injuries. Running backs and receivers in particular need to be concerned with the safety of their eyes, as they often have defenders in their faces. But most leagues have[...]

Lightning 2.0
The All New SHOC Lightning Football Visor released today!

The All New SHOC Lightning Football Visor released today! Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for is here and we have officially released the All New SHOC Lightning Football Visor! So why did we change from the previous SHOC Visor and create the Lightning version? From the Riddell 360[...]

Lacrosse Head Shooter
How best to maintain a Lacrosse Pocket ?

How to maintain your Lacrosse pocket? It’s a question almost as old as the game itself. The pocket in the head of your stick has a massive effect on how well you perform in your game. If you don’t know how to maintain your Lacrosse Pocket then you will not[...]

Lacrosse Glove Cleaning
The BEST way to clean your Lacrosse Gloves

How to Clean Lacrosse Gloves What is the best way to clean your favorite gloves? How to clean  your Lacrosse gloves and your other pads is a question that many Lacrosse players want to know. So after a particularly dirty practice game I decided to find out how to best[...]